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Gait analysis is simply a process which helps us work out which running shoe is the best for you. Whether you are new to running and have set yourself a run challenge, you are an experienced runner struggling with injuries or you just want to make sure you have a comfy pair of shoes, it’s worth doing.


Pronation is the way your foot rolls inwards and strikes the floor. This neutral gait is the natural way your body distributes the impact of you running and is the most efficient foot strike. We usually recommend neutral running shoes.

Overpronation happens when the foot falls excessively inwards causing the foot to absorb shock inefficiently. This can cause problems and increases the risk of injury. This is by far the most common pronation type amongst runners and is usually seen in runners with low arches or flat feet. We would recommend trying some shoes with support or with more stability.

Under pronation or supination is less common and it’s when the foot excessively rolls outwards, with little movement inwards. This places strain on the muscles and tendons that stabilise the ankle. It is usually seen in runners with high arches and we would suggest neutral running shoes.

We offer a range of shoes for you to try whilst running so we can work out from the videos what kind of support you might need and hopefully what style might work best for you. And more importantly what feels comfortable. Even if you don’t take our advice, at least you have tried out a few pairs of shoes and you have a better idea of what might work for you!


How much does it cost?

Its free!

How long does it take?

Usually around half an hour – but don’t worry you won’t need to run for the whole time. You will need to run for around 30 seconds for each pair of shoes you try- just long enough for you to relax and for us to capture some video

What should I wear?

It’s useful to bring your current running shoes, and wear some tight fitting running kit or shorts so that we can clearly see your foot strike.

Do I need to book?

It is advisable to give us a call so that we can guarantee that we can fit you in and we aren’t helping someone else out already.

How often should you have gait analysis?

If you are new to running, having problems whilst running or if you are thinking of changing the brand or style of shoes you normally wear.

How often should you change your running shoes?

We recommend between 300-400 miles of running but if you notice any obvious signs of excessive wear and tear in the sole unit it’s time for a change.

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