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Triathlon Equipment

Here at SpeedHub, we specialise in providing high-quality triathlon equipment. As passionate triathletes, customer service is at the heart of everything we do. With our expert knowledge of the sport, we aim to provide you with the best triathlon gear at fantastic prices.

We stock everything to fit the needs of triathletes at all levels from beginners to seasoned competitors. Whether you are looking to add to your triathlon swimming equipment or purchase a new triathlon bike for competitions, you’ll find everything you need here at SpeedHub. You will also find an excellent range of triathlon running gear so you can be well kitted out for all disciplines.

If you are in need of clothing for your next triathlon you can find the ideal triathlon clothing within our great range. You will also find a superb selection of triathlon accessories here with a great range of nutrition and race essentials. Prepare yourself for your next triathlon today with the amazing triathlon equipment here at SpeedHub.


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