Felt Bicycles 2021 B Series Triathlon Bike Ultegra

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Featuring an updated frame design gleaned from decades of designing the most aerodynamic bikes on earth and a lightweight carbon fibre construction, the latest iteration of the Felt B Triathlon Bike is ready for action. Whether you’re just starting on your journey into the world of triathlon or you’re a multi-sport veteran, say hello to the B.

With a carbon frame designed with aero efficiency in mind, the B features a finely curated selection of components that offers performance, convenience, and value.

  • Shimano mechanical drivetrain
  • Rim brakes
  • Tubeless-compatible aluminum wheels


The B takes its design cues from our top-of-the-line IA, as well as the legendary DA frame kit, which has been ridden to several triathlon world championships and countless international accolades in road bike time trials. These include an aerodynamically optimized, oversized downtube and seat tube, with each sporting unique wheel cutouts to further improve aero efficiency while ensuring a refined geometry for a stable ride quality and precise handling. The bike’s incredible level of fit adjustability is made possible by the use of a standard road-style stem paired with our famous Bayonet basebar, as well as a unique angled carbon seatpost. This means that every triathlete will be able to find his or her most comfortable and powerful riding position.


Every racecourse is different, with varying elevation gains, road curvature, and, of course, an endless variety of wind, both in terms of velocity and direction. The Felt methodology for creating every race bike involves rigorous simulated modelling, wind tunnel testing, and real-world riding of prototypes. Countless new designs are scrutinized, updated, and tested again. In the case of the B, our engineers hit upon a bike inspired by the world championship-winning IA and capable of carrying on the iconic B marque.


Not all carbon fiber race bikes are created equal. Sure, there are countless types, grades, and qualities of carbon fiber used in the bicycle industry. But just like how the finest food ingredients demand the skills of a chef to yield a truly exquisite meal, bicycle frame materials require engineering expertise to produce a truly great bicycle. In fact, many of the Felt engineers would say that theirPerformance-level carbon bikes like the B presented the most complex engineering challenges of our entire product line. The result is a finely tuned chassis crafted from their Performance-level carbon fibre, with a unique layup that offers a stiff, efficient pedalling interface and a smooth ride for tackling endless miles of training rides and long-distance races.


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