Alchemy Eros Titanium Road Frame

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This is the Eros Titanium Frame only price (56cm), we can also build it to a complete bike. Please contact us for more details and a price for this.

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When you are awarded the ‘Best Carbon Construction’ award multiple times at the North American Handmade Bike Show, it proves you know a thing or two about how to craft kick-ass bikes. Alchemy are dedicated craftsmen, this is what they do, and this is their legacy. Every Alchemy road, all-road, gravel, or mountain bike is living proof of the magic that hand crafting a bicycles can create.

Every single Alchemy that leaves their doors is built to the highest standard in the world. Perfected for the intended purpose, and crafted from carbon or titanium, every Alchemy bike is born from the belief that care, craftsmanship, and grit deliver a better ride. They sweat the details because they are passionate about creating frames with flawless perfection and purposeful beauty.

The Alchemy Eros is a perfect example of never settling for good enough. It is the very first bike Alchemy ever produced, and they never stopped improving on it. Hand crafted with USA-made titanium, the Eros is vertically compliant while maintaining lateral rigidity. This allows the Eros to be forgiving on the body while propelling you forward with conviction. The Eros really excels at everything from steep climbs to sharp mountain descents, and its classy and subtle design provides the sleek looks to make you the envy of the peloton.


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