Wahoo KICKR Smart Trainer V5 With Axis Action Feet

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The newest version KICKR Smart Trainer delivers the most realistic ride feel and precise power with the addition of KICKR AXIS action feet and improved power accuracy of +/- 1%. The KICKR continues to provide the best in class indoor smart trainer design with carbon steel body for durability and stability, to hold up to the demands of all types of cyclist. Its unmatched compatibility expands to include three simultaneously Bluetooth connections for a trouble-free start to your workout. Get the immersive, game changing indoor riding experience when you pair with our KICKR CLIMB Indoor Grade Simulator and Bluetooth & ANT+ controlled KICKR HEADWIND Smart Fan

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Every elite athlete knows that the challenge of being out front is staying out front. It’s the same challenge we face when looking to improve KICKR. What could we do to take the choice of champions to another level? This year, the revolution lies in the evolution as we’ve enhanced accuracy, responsiveness and ride feel through changes that are hard to see but easy to notice.


AXIS unlocks your KICKR smart trainer with subtle side-to-side movement for a more natural feeling when indoor training.


Whether on a virtual training ride or doing a high-intensity interval workout, KICKR AXIS offers immediate feedback by responding to rider tempo and body position changes. With 5° of lateral side-to-side movement, indoor training feels more like the experience of riding outdoors.


By allowing you to move more naturally with the forces applied during long hard training sessions, KICKR AXIS reduces your fatigue, so you can go harder, longer.


Whether mashing or spinning smoothly, staying in the saddle or standing on the pedals, KICKR AXIS’ integrated action feet can be independently tuned for a customizable training experience. With three stiffness levels to choose from, AXIS gives every cyclist the ability to match their unique riding style.


When combined, KICKR AXIS, KICKR CLIMB and KICKR HEADWIND deliver the movement and sensations of training outdoors into virtual indoor rides and workouts.


With automatic calibration, the KICKR has exceptionally accurate power and eliminates the need to perform routine spindowns. You can now maximize every training session knowing the KICKR will always be tracking your power to +/- 1% accuracy.


1 review for Wahoo KICKR Smart Trainer V5 With Axis Action Feet

  1. George Avery

    The first impression when you set up the Kickr is the quality – everything just works. It paired with the Wahoo and Elemnt apps quickly and easily. It also paired with the Elemnt Roam just as easily. The apps give you plenty of control with options including: power, simulating road incline and wind speed (good for hill training), resistance (for spin class), bike levels (like a gym bike) and route simulation. I simulated a route I had cycled the week before and used the gradient readout to “see” the hills, it felt very realistic and even my chain came off in the same place (I now know what I did wrong). The Kickr provides plenty of data on what you are doing and seamlessly integrates with the Tickr heart rate monitor. I’ve not used the planned workouts or linked it up to the various group training apps, something to look forward to. In the shop, Tim was extremely friendly and helpful. He gave a demo of the Kickr – it was so good that my wife insisted on buying one on the spot for my birthday. We are all winners 😉

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