Torhans AXIS X1 – Ultralight Carbon Cage

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High Performance Ultralight Carbon Bottle Cage

COLOR: Matte Black Carbon Fibre
WEIGHT: 19 Grams

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The Torhans Axis X1 is a high performance ultralight carbon water bottle cage. It fits most standard sized water bottles and is made to be bolted on to the frame. Torhans have engineered the AXIS X1 to be ultra light (19g) while retaining maximum structural strength.

We also stock the Torhans Axis X2 bottle cage


COLOR: Matte Black
WEIGHT: 19 Grams

We love the Torhans products at Speedhub, they are aerodynamic and practical storage and hydration systems, check out the other Torhans products  that we stock. Contact us if you have any questions or pop in to see if they will fit your bike.


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