Praxis Shimano Bottom Bracket Convertor BB/PF30

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Ok…so you have BB30, PF30* (Please See Note Below) or a Specialized OSBB frame, but you need to run a Shimano crank?

No worries. Our Praxis Works Conversion Bottom Bracket is just what you’re looking for. Made to fit in either BB30 or PF30 frame, the conversion BB is designed to be rock solid for a Shimano** Hollowtech II crank to be installed in your frame.

• Praxis Works Bottom Bracket Converters are available for both 68 and 73mm shell sizes.

• The converter works with either BB30 or PF30.

• To fit the converter to a BB30 frame, please remove the plastic sleeve (tube).

• To fit the converter to a PF30 frame, please fit the converter with the plastic sleeve (tube).

**Designed for Shimano™ 24mm Hollowtech II cranks.

Please Read – Specific Frame Notes

“How do I know the conversion bottom bracket drive cup on the BB30 and PF30 is installed completely?”


As you’re threading down the Drive cup and the collet system starts to expand, grab a 2nd BB tool to hold the Non-Drive Cup steady.

This gets you more leverage when threading down the Drive Cup and also gives you a tactile feel of when the Drive Cup has fully bottomed out on it’s machined ‘stop.’

The machined ‘stop’ sets the Drive Cup bearing precisely on Shimano spec, and also sets the collet expansion.

Note- The machined stop prevents the collet from over expanding past exact spec

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68MM, 73MM