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The world’s smartest muscle performance & recovery tool.

PowerDot Smart Muscle Stimulator™ connects via Bluetooth™ to a simple yet intuitive mobile app. Use the app to target specific body parts and apply world class muscle stimulation. Clinically proven, pain-free, and FDA cleared – It’s that simple.

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Power Dot is a wireless Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) unit used to increase the blood flow and metabolite washout and decrease the muscle tension to improve and speed up exercise recovery. Power dot EMS allows targeted training by placing electrode pads around the muscle and contractions via electrical current. All sessions, Recovery, Warm Up and Strength, run from an app on your mobile (iOS and Android).

Power Dot Smart Muscle Stimulator is the world’s smartest muscle recovery & performance tool. Built on NMES technology, Power dot connects via Bluetooth® to an intuitive mobile app. Select from 10+ muscle stimulation programs designed to reduce recovery time, increase muscular performance, and help your body feel it’s best. Clinically proven, pain-free, and FDA cleared – It’s that simple.

Perform Better

Increase muscle strength, power, and endurance so that your body can function or compete at it’s best.

Recover Faster

Reduce soreness and recover from workouts faster with the same technology physical therapists and athletes have used for decades.

Feel Good

Increase blood circulation and massage away tension in your muscles allowing you to feel better than ever.

What is electrical muscle stimulation?

Typically, it is your brain that sends signals to your muscles to make them move. With Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS), electrical impulses are sent from a device to create involuntary muscle contractions. EMS technology has been used for years by the leading physicians, top level athletes, and celebrities to help supplement their training. Specifically NeuroMuscular Electrical Stimulation (NMES) causes Type 1 (slow-twitch) & Type 2 (fast-twitch) muscle fibers to contract, and at different Hz levels can provide a number of benefits to both performance and recovery. Power Dot has taken the proven concept of neuromusclar electric stimulation  and packed it into a small lightweight pod, completely controlled by an app on your mobile device. This allows you to gain access to 10+ NMES programs from virtually anywhere in the world. The app walks you through every step of the process, from pad placement, to program selection, to workout duration. We have removed the guessing game and any confusion from traditional EMS using smart technology.


The 10 Preset programs + manual settings are designed to speed up muscle recovery, improve performance, and massage away tension from stress. Everyday Programs are the perfect place to start your journey. Recovery is an essential part of helping your body perform at the highest level. These programs assist in the recovery process between activities. Use them on a regular basis to make your next performance the best one yet.

  • Active Recovery – Accelerate and improve muscle recovery after general workouts to keep muscles active. Use within 2 hours of workouts or competition.
  • Light Recovery – Low-frequency, non-fatiguing stimulation to help your muscles recover faster. Use within 2 hours of workouts or competition.
  • Extended Recovery – Get all the same benefits of Active Recovery, with a longer muscle simulation period. Use within 2 hours of workouts or competition.
  • Massage – Increase blood flow and circulation to decrease soreness, stiffness and everyday aches. Use anytime, anywhere, at your convenience.
  • Warm Up – Jump-start your workouts and help minimize injuries with a warm up that prepares your muscles to do more. Use it before any workout or competition.

Performance Programs

Supplement your workouts with performance enhancing programs. Think of the Performance Programs as key workouts that break down muscles in order to increase strength & endurance. Beginner users should start with 1-2 sessions per week.

  • Muscle Endurance – Improve muscle endurance and fatigue resistance, so you can train longer and push yourself further. Use it before endurance workouts, up to 5 times per week, per muscle group.
  • Strength Endurance – Boost your muscle’s ability to handle more intense training sessions for more powerful workouts. Use it before or after strength endurance workouts, up to 4 times per week, per muscle group.
  • Strength – Improve overall muscle strength and pair with training sessions that focus on pushing, pressing and pulling. Use between or after strength training workouts, up to 3 times per week, per muscle group.
  • Resistance – Enhance strength gains for movement, speed, and ground reaction force. Use between or after your workouts, up to 3 times per week, per muscle group.
  • Explosive Strength – Overcome performance plateaus and perfectly complement intense plyometric workouts. Use between or after strength training workouts, up to 3 times per week, per muscle group.



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