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Lightweight and ultra-responsive performance running shoe. Fast in training, fast in performance. Cloudflow is the shoe that broke the iron man world record.



Giving greater support, comfort and protection, the Cloudflow Womens Running shoes are the perfect choice for runners who need softer landings and more explosive take-offs on their runs.

Sitting inside the Cloudflow is an innovative, adaptive first-layer sock that increases comfort and offers a new layer of support. It sits tight against the skin, and its antimicrobial treatment guarantees lasting freshness and ensures your feet don’t get too hot when you’re pounding the pavement.

What truly sets the Cloudflow and other On Running shoes apart from other running shoes is the CloudTec sole built from On Running’s Zero-Gravity foam. These separate, innovative ‘clouds’ not only provide a stable stance for a much safer run, but also feature intelligent cushioning that gives support exactly where you need it.

18-Clouds are injected into the Cloudflow’s, giving a wider and more stable platform for you to run on – but don’t be tricked into the idea that this would increase weight. Cloudflow offers this incredible amount of comfort without adding any weight, and a pair weighs an incredible 480 grams thanks to the Zero-Gravity foam which makes up the sole of the shoe.

Sitting in between the upper of the shoe and the Clouds is On Running’s ‘Speedboard’ which softens the impact on your foot, but also yields explosive lift off’s for a more enjoyable and relaxed run.

The On Running Cloudflow Womens Running Shoes are the ideal partner for your long distance runs thanks to its innovative blend of lightweight, durable and supportive features. On Running’s ‘Cloud’ technology uses thick, stable ‘Clouds’ on the base of the shoe for greater stability.

Running Profile

Runners looking for a lightweight and very responsive performance shoe


Take the shortcut to your runner’s high




190 g | 6.7 oz (US W 7)

Heel-toe offset

6 mm | 0.23 in

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