Muve bike fitting (includes frame finder consultation)

Call For Help & Advice: 01455 558951


Our fittings last for up to two and a half hours. Please choose a date and a start time for your fitting from the calendar.

Please note: Evening and weekend fittings are an additional £30. This will be added automatically when you select time slots in that region


With our 3D motion capture bike fitting service on the Muve bike you are guaranteed to leave knowing exactly what your optimal fit is and with your frame finder consultation the exact bike and size you will need.

Using the latest Retul technology we carry out a 3D scan of your body as you cycle. From this while you’re riding your bike in our comfortable centre, we can collect information about your ridng position, movement and the load that is being placed on you.

We can see from this what your pedaling efficiency is, how your left-right power contributions are affecting your body and what needs to be done to fix this.

When you arrive at our bike fitting studio your package will include the following:

  • We start by having you fill in one of our rider questionnaires, this gives us an idea of what your specific cycling needs are and if you have any problems injuries or niggles that we may have to consider during your fit process.
  • We then go on to a bio mechanical analysis and strength flexibility assessment this also feeds us more information on your specific needs as a cyclist.
  • Then you go on to warm up on our revolutionary Muve bike for 10 minutes whilst we calibrate and check our equipment.
  • When this is complete our sensors are placed in specific spots on your body in order for us to start the 3D motion capture, A fifteen second video capture is taken whilst you are riding to allow us a before image.
  • Your ride begins we take 15 second captures at different wattage levels on both sides. At this point you are allowed a brief rest whilst we look at changes we need to make to your position, Changes are made until we are happy with the overall position. We then take further final captures for analysis.
  • At the point we are both happy with your new position we go through with you what we have done and why. You are then presented with a Comprehensive digital report of 3D and 2D body parameters, 3D bicycle fit coordinates, and bike frame geometry.
  • At this point we go on to look at our new frame finder software where we trace your co ordinates next to a database of frames  and if necessary, swap out components to dial in an exact fit for you based on our report.

You can then use this information to get the exact bike needed taking the guess work out of a very important purchase.