Koobi 232K Triathlon Saddle

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Koobi 232K Triathlon Saddle

Soft over firm padding & firm base. For triathletes coming from a running, swimming or general fitness background. 232 mm length, integrated hydration module. 232mm length, 299 gr, S.E.T. , Soft over firm padding, 140mm width

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Introducing Koobi’s 232K with Smart Energy Transfer.

Athlete profile: for triathletes coming from a running, swimming or general fitness background, who prefer a traditional or forward position. Soft padding over firm padding with firm base. Ideal for a wide range of triathletes.

Event profile: S.E.T. technolgy with soft over firm padding and firm base make this saddle ideal for Olympic, Half and Full distance events.

Technical features

Shape: In 1998 Koobi introduced the full relief saddle to the cycling world. Now Koobi takes its technology to the next level with the 232K . A balance of wider relief area for greater soft tissue relief, but not so wide that power robbing friction is created when an athlete’s inner thigh rubs on the outer side of the saddle. Taller soft over firm  padding for greater weight carrying capacity. Shorter 232mm (9 3/8 inch) length with a descending top at front of saddle. Allows for greater anatomical distribution to the front of the saddle. Body weight can be carried on the sit bones when sitting up on  climbs. Or rotated forward, for aggressive low body profile aero position. You wont need a zip tie to get the correct fit.

Cover: highly durable yet flexable heavy grade licra gives out standing comfort.

Integrated nose hook: Under the front we have our  integrated nose hook for speedier transitions. You can even run without it.