FIZIK TRITONE K:IUM Time Trial Triathlon Saddle

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Tritone 6.5: Comfort, support and high performance benefits come together in our UCI-compliant TT/tri-specific saddle.

The TRITONE 6.5 offers better support to all the riders with a larger distance between their sit bones, such as women or taller men.

With a 65mm wide nose and a maximum width of 140mm, it’s the wider option of the nose-less saddle fi’zi:k introduced last year.

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This unisex saddle will improve your performance on any triathlon or time trial bike.  Tritone is designed specifically to increase hip rotation and help your performance when in an aerodynamic position on the bike.  The comfort of this nose-less saddle is derived from specifically-developed foam density and the front indentation.

The Tritone 6.5 is a wider option of the Tritone 5.5 saddle introduced in 2013.  It offers better support to all riders with a larger distance between their sit bones, such as women and taller men.

The Tritone Braided’s carbon braided rail reduces weight and increases saddle stiffness.

-A solid base-design ensures durability and optimal stiffness-to-weight ratio

-Extra -long rail (85mm) to fit any Tri or TT bike

-Front transition hook makes the transition faster and easier


-Silk-screen printed silicone stripes increase the grip on the saddle cover

-Modular carriage kit included with saddle: this includes holders for 2 bottle cages, CO² canister and inflator, and a spare tube

-Saddle’s length of 240mm is compliant with UCI rule of minimum saddle length for time trial races


Shell: Nylon Carbon Reinforced

Rail: Carbon Braided 7x9mm or K:ium 7x7mm

Cover: Black/Black Thermo-welded Microtex

Carriage kit for water bottles, CO² canister and spare tube

Nose: Front Transition Hook

Length: 240mm (UCI legal)

Width: 135mm

Weight: 220g (Braided) or 250g (K:ium)

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