Felt Bicycles IA Disc Advanced Force Etap AXS 2020 Triathlon Bike

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We can tell you that the IA is the most aerodynamic bike in the world. We can also say that it’s the best-handling triathlon bike on the planet. But what we should really mention is that the IA has won the Kona World Championship a staggering six times in a row, and it’s set both new bike course and overall course records across the lava fields of Hawaii. So, really, what else do you need to know?

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Speedhub love Sram’s new 12 Speed AXS tap Goupset. What a great combination to include this groupset with the new Felt IA Triathlon Bike.

The Felt IA is the winningest bike at triathlon’s biggest stage, with real-world, functional aerodynamic efficiency in a frame design that is easy to work on, is lightweight, and a dream to ride. With nearly endless adjustability and the highest quality materials in the world, it’s the perfect bike for every level of triathlete who demands the very best from their equipment and their performance.

Felts mission is: “to be the pre-eminent performance drop-bar and triathlon bike company in the world. We think that going fast is fun and we make our bikes accordingly.” At Speedhub we believe Felt Bicycles deliver the right results with their outstanding quality and innovation. Check out our full range of Felt Bikes


You want the winningest bike in triathlon, one that emphasizes aerodynamic efficiency, ride quality, and real-world usability, all in equal measure. Plus, you also want the latest electronic drivetrain technology from SRAM.


You want electronic shifting but prefer Shimano components—in which case, you should check out the IA | Advanced | Ultegra Di2. But If you want the best-of-the-best, no-holds-barred race bike that resulted from us unleashing our engineering lunacy in full force, check out the IA FRD Disc.


  • Six-time consecutive World Championship winner
  • The most aerodynamic bike in Felt’s history
  • Disc brakes and wireless electronic shifting


  • SRAM Force eTap AXS drivetrain
  • SRAM Aero HRD Disc brakes

Triathlon is unlike any other form of racing on earth, and it presents some of the most unique equipment demands anywhere in the sporting world. The best triathlon bikes must be fast, of course. But they must also be able to elevate the biomechanical performance of their riders in between a grueling swim and a soul-shattering run effort. Felts very first bike was made for one of the greatest triathletes in history, Paula Newby-Fraser, and she rode her stealth black Felt B2 to multiple world championship victories. Since then, they’ve never stopped pursuing the ideal triathlon racing machine. The IA is the culmination of 30 years of iterative design and painstaking development, and its results at the highest level of competition speak for themselves.


The bikes in the IA | Advanced line are crafted from several unique types of carbon fiber. The primary material is UHC (“Ultra Hybrid Carbon”) Advanced fiber, which is high-modulus, meaning that it’s incredibly stiff to maximize pedaling efficiency and handling feedback. But it’s not quite as stiff as its more expensive sibling, UHC Ultimate (which is found on the IA FRD Disc). However, this makes the UHC Advanced a better option for most triathletes, as it helps yield a slightly more supple chassis to mitigate road feedback and suppress rider fatigue towards the end of a long race. In fact, when asked which ride quality-yielding carbon layup they prefer, we’ve found that triathletes are split on their opinions and that it all comes down to personal preference. TeXtreme is another type of carbon that is not only found on Felts best-performing bikes, but is also utilized in the aerospace industry and on Formula One race cars to both add strength to a structure, as well as reduce its weight relative to alternative composite options. Now, we can talk about the materials themselves all day long. But just like how the finest food ingredients demand the skills of a chef to yield a truly exquisite meal, bicycle frame materials require engineering expertise to produce a truly great bicycle. Not all carbon bikes are created equal.

Beyond its materials and construction methods, the most important thing needed in a world-class triathlon bike is geometry. This determines how the bike handles straight-line accelerations, tackles technical turns, and adapts to the unique fit needs of each and every rider. Our engineers drew upon 30 years of research and experience working with all levels of athletes, from world champions to those experiencing the joy of triathlon for the first time, to produce a thoroughly modern geometry that provides both agile steering and stability at speed. The IA comes in five different frame sizes, with each one receiving size-specific designs and construction so that every athlete, no matter what size frame he or she rides, experiences the same incredible handling, pedaling efficiency, and fit adjustability.


Most models in the IA lineup feature disc brakes, which are the new standard of performance in all riding conditions and across all racecourses. Accompanying the disc brakes are thru-axles, which provide enhance wheel stiffness and a more secure connection to the bike. For traditionalists who prefer the feel of rim brakes, we offer them on the IA | Advanced, Rim Brake model, as well as the ever-popular B | Performance model.

Storage and hydration:

Two unique storage solutions provide room for all the gear you’ll need for any training ride or race: the BTSpac sits behind the seat tube and is ideal for a flat tire repair kit or other tools, while the CALpac 2.0 storage module is integrated along the top tube for quick access to nutrition products or anything else you want at your fingertips. IA models equipped with disc brakes, like the IA | Advanced model you see here, can accommodate tires up to 28mm wide (measured at the widest point, per ISO safety standards that call for 4mm of clearance on either side of the tire and the bicycle frame).


An incredible frame demands the best componentry to truly maximize the racing experience. Yet triathletes’ opinions on what constitutes the best componentry differs. That’s why Felt curated a selection of three stellar component packages for the IA | Advanced line. Fans of Japanese brand Shimano have two options in the IA | Advanced | Ultegra Di2 and IA | Advanced | Ultegra models. But in the bike you see here, they created a race rig featuring the newest and most radical groupset from American company, SRAM. This bike sports SRAM’s Force eTap AXS group, with its standout highlight being crisp and precise electronic shifting in a fully wireless package. SRAM’s Force eTap AXS also features a new paradigm in how we as cyclists approach gearing needs, with several unique and heretofore unseen gearing combinations available, with numbers that appear at first glance to be dramatically different than the traditionally popular chainrings combos of 53/39 and 52/36, and cassettes of 11-25 and 11-28. However, SRAM’s newest parts have the potential to provide wider ranges, shorter jumps, and even smoother shifts. Take this bike’s combination of 48/35 chainrings and a 12-speed cassette with a 10-28-tooth spread. Its highest gear combination of 48/10 is nearly identical to the perennially popular 53/11. Yet its lowest 35/28 gear combo is significantly easier to pedal than a 39/28, giving this AXS group far more range, but without making for big jumps between shifts thanks to the added 12th cog in the cassette. For more detailed information, check out all of the data on SRAM’s AXS groupsets.

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