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The first connected and heated insoles

The Digitsole Warm Series insoles are the first connected heated insoles designed to keep your feet warm. This innovative product has been designed for your comfort and health. Available on Android and iOS. The dedicated application allows you to regulate the temperature in your shoes and track your daily physical activity with a simple click. Never get cold feet while you are riding again!

  • Ultra light & Comfortable- the Warm Series has been designed for the comfort of your feet.
  • Easy to ajust – A pair includes two sizes. Just follow the cut marks to adapt them to your shoes.

A dedicated application that analyses your activity

Our application is available on iOS (above 9.0) and Android (above 5.0) and allows you to connect to your heated insoles using the Bluetooth (BLE) connectivity of your phone. Through the app, you can set the temperature of each insole separately and quantify your daily activity: with the build-in sensors, you can keep a precise count of your daily steps, distance and burned calories.

Integrated thermostat for intelligent heating

Connect your heated insoles to your phone, choose the desired comfort temperature and enjoy your daily activities during the cold season. The insoles can accompany you on your bike and will improve your well-being every day. They are also suitable for workers working in a cold environment: construction, warehouse and security.

The dedicated application allows you to control the temperature inside your shoe to the degree, between 20°C and 45°C / 68°F and 113°F.

Monitoring your daily activity

The heated insoles Warm Series will become your personal coach on a daily basis, providing you with information about your physical activity in real-time. The integrated tracker will allow you to record the number of walking steps, the distance covered and the number of calories burned.

Recommended by the Raynaud association

The Warm Series heated insoles can also relieve people with blood circulation disorders or Raynaud’s disease. They are recommended by the American Raynaud’s Association*.

*The Warm Series is not a medical device.

Technical description

  • Available Sizes: EUR 36 to 47
  • Compatibility: iOS (10.2 and above); Android (5.0 and above)
  • Maximum Heat Level: 113°F (45°C)
  • Battery Life: From 2 to 6 hours (Depending on usage)
  • Packaging: Pair of insoles + 1 micro USB Cable + User manual

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