Compressport Race Belt Black

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Adjustable black bib number belt with integrated gel loops for any running, trail or triathlon event.

How many times have you pricked a finger or snagged a shirt trying to attach a race bib with safety pins? No more fumbling with freezing fingers thanks to the convenient race belt for your bib. Simply secure the race number with the toggles. Easily-adjustable, it sits snugly around your hips or waist for chafe-free racing. Four elastic gel holders on each side allow for fuss-free refueling on the run. Particularly useful in triathlon where bibs are worn on the back while cycling and on the front during the run, the belt can be quickly spun around to keep referees happy.
Pro triathlon tip: leave your belt buckled and simply step into it and pull up, rather than fighting with annoying buckles in the heat of transition


Adjustable, ergonomic fit which doesn’t chafe or bite, and sits snug while you race
Nutrition loops on either side of the belt to stow gels, ensuring easy refueling on the run
3-toggles to securely attach you race bib, compatible with French triathlon rules


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