Amp Human Next Gen PR Lotion On-The-Go Packet 20g x 5

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PR Lotion promotes quality and efficient training. Small gains each training session can add up to your new personal best. The more you use it, the more you’ll get from it.

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PR Lotion is designed to maximise your training and recovery by unlocking bicarb, a natural electrolyte that improves muscle function and helps you combat fatigue during hard workouts.


  • Groundbreaking skin absorption technology
  • New and improved formula
  • Clean sport compliant

PR Lotion is the world’s first and only sports lotion that unlocks the natural electrolyte bicarb. Powered by InnerEdge™ technology, PR lotion delivers bicarb directly to the working muscles via the skin. It is scientifically proven to improve performance and decrease muscle soreness to help you make training gains, faster.


  • It’s all About Routine!
  • WHEN TO USE IT: During your pre-workout routine.
  • HOW MUCH: Use a heavy coat. More is better. Pile it on and rub it in!
  • WHERE TO APPLY: For lower body workouts, calves to low back. For upper body workouts, arms, shoulders, chest, back.


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