Bike Servicing

Servicing is often overlooked but is essential to keep your bike in great condition and working as it should. How often you should get your bike serviced depends on how often you ride your bike. However regular servicing will help to keep your bike running smoothly and reduce wear and tear.

At Speedhub we offer a number of servicing packages. You can either bring your bike into the shop and we can give it a free visual check, which can identify possible problems.

Or you can give us a call to discuss your options, as to whether you need a quick check up or a full service, then, drop your bike off with our mechanic at the shop.

Additional Servicing Options

  • Removal of Drive train, clean and lubricate
  • Brake cable replacement (internal cabled)
    £25 (£50)
  • Gear cable replacement (internal cabled)
    £25 (£50)
  • Workshop time
    £15 per 15 mins
  • Wheel Works

  • Hub Service – Front
  • Hub Service – Rear
  • True Wheel
  • Wheel build
  • Tube replacement
  • Fit tubular
    £15 per wheel
  • Tubeless Conversion
    £15 per wheel
  • Frameworks

  • Headset fitment
  • Headset fitment – through cabled
    individually priced
  • Bottom Bracket Fitment
  • Bike Builds

  • External cable
  • Internal cable
  • Groupset Fitment (Internal cabled)

All service pricing is excluding the cost of parts.

Get in touch to arrange your Service

To book your bike in or set up a service plan, call or email us on:

01455 558951

You can also use the contact form to get in touch now directly!